Topic: What is your expectation from IDA?
Stakeholder’s Analysis Questionnaire Number 1 on IDA

What are your expectations from Irob Development Association (IDA)?

Thank you for your collaboration and giving us valuable input to our 5 years strategic plan development!

Hagos Gebrai on 2014-12-07 04:08:26
I expect IDA to be one of the main voices for Irob people. IDA should take a forefront approach to:
• Identify and document the issues Irob people are facing
• Develop clear directions and roadmaps to overcome the issues identified
• Prioritize and concentrate on projects that are measurable, meaningful, and achievable. As IDA may not have all the necessary resources to simultaneously address all “issues under the sun” that our people continue to face, concentrating on small to mid-size projects that can be achieved within its means but stretched-enough to invigorate IDA members and supporters should be the way to go.

• Raise awareness so that our people are informed about the contemporary circumstances across the world and in their surroundings
• Play a pivotal role to help preserve Irob culture and language
• Be exemplary for young Irobs so that they develop inherent confidence in themselves, trust in their abilities, and develop a behavior that encourages them to work smart and hard for their success and prosperity. IDA should help our young to unleash their potential, like any other citizen, to prosper in life, and to eventually take over IDA and ensure its objectives become reality.

• Strive to fix any Irob issues that fall under IDA’s control. For example IDA should be able to provide school supply materials and reference books to all schools across Irob; help the needy students that travel from distant areas to attend high school in Dawhan, encourage outstanding students by providing moral and financial award, refurbish the existing library in Dawhan, develop science laboratory, provide schools with laptops, etc; supply existing clinics across Irob with the needed modern medical equipment; and the list goes on.

• Be the catalyst for change of behavior for our people, i.e. educate our people to raise awareness so that our young believe in themselves and develop a mindset that many of the issues they face today can be corrected by Irob people with minimum outside help.

• Advocate on behalf of Irob people, work with all governmental and non-governmental bodies to raise awareness about the plights our people continue to face

• Advocate and work with local and Tigray regional government for better education, better infrastructure, and to reverse and find solutions for the ongoing deforestation in Irob.

• Work closely with local and regional administration and advocate for fair and continues improvement of Due Processes and Rights of our people
• IDA membership should continue to be open to anyone interested and abides by its objectives and bylaws.
• IDA is expected to be transparent with all of its activities including the stewardship of its resources and decision-making activities.
Abraham Tesfay Hagos on 2014-12-08 12:20:24
What I expect from IDA are:
1. To identify what the Irob community inside and outside Ethiopia can do to help the irob community within Ethiopia
2. To dream big, but to start with something small and feasible . What we can do depends on our available resources. IDA should plan implementation based on those available resources. Even if what IDA can do at best with the those resources is to supply pencils to a specific school for a certain academic year that is still an accomplishment.
3. IDA should be extremely transparent especially on the financial matters. Every penny should be accounted for.
Tesfa Hagos on 2014-12-13 05:20:57
My expectation from IDA is:
I expect IDA some what to help Irob community to have basic human necessities like access to clean drinking water, basic health services and balanced food. Eradicating illiteracy and helping education system in Irob wereda can help achieve the basic human necessities met and I expect IDA will help education system some way.
I also expect IDA to able participate all Irob community around the world, most Irobs are in Ethiopia and I expect every body back home to participate actively in IDA. I will say Irobs out side Ethiopia (Diaspora Irobs) are only about 1% or less and the major role can be played by Irobs at home depending on the majority of the people.
Seyoum BERHE on 2014-12-15 01:33:57
My expectation from IDA is that it should be the primary, front line organization that represents the Irob aspiration:
• Advocate for Irob identity and constitutional rights
• Defend the Irob interests including our language and cultural heritage
• Fight for economic fair share of our people
• Encourage and assist our young people to excel in the academic fields
• Educate and lead gender equality and equity in our society
• Fight against corruption and other social ills such as alcoholism and violence within our community.
• Challenge and encourage the regional government to be inclusive in attracting and empowering Irobs to hold leadership positions in the regional government
desta weldeslassie on 2016-04-04 10:25:51
never give up your culture!i expect you will continue to next

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