Topic: What is your possible reaction if IDA does not meet your expectation?
Stakeholder’s Analysis Questionnaire Number 2 on IDA

What are your possible reactions if Irob Development Association (IDA) does not meet your expectations?

Thank you for your collaboration and giving us valuable input to our 5 years strategic plan development!

Hagos Gebrai on 2014-12-07 04:11:53
Sometimes meeting an expectation is not an overnight achievement. This is particularly true in IDA’s case where the issues it intends to address are multifaceted and its resources are limited. What matters in my opinion is the audacity of IDA’s perseverance; the willingness to learn from the mistakes, being open minded and flexible to change the path when faced with difficulties; keep the initial end-goals and objectives intact, and continuing the journey. After all, one first learns to crawl before starting to walk, and learns to walk before starting to run.

The goals of IDA should be farsighted and long-term. Temporary obstacles and hiccups should be expected; and should these obstacles become reality, they must serve as learning experiences and not become permanent hindrance. It is ok to make mistakes and to come short of expectations; this is normal in real life and part of learning process. As they say “getting knocked down in life is given, but getting up is a choice”. No matter what the obstacles it faces, IDA must choose to get up, remediate the error, and keep the train moving.
Abraha Tesfay on 2014-12-07 07:29:20
first of all, I will never expect IDA not able to meet my expectation; However, I understand that It takes every Irob's initiative and determination to work towards this common community organization and objectives to happen. I believe all of us Irobs are disappointed to just observe our community, once was ahead of others, is now heading down to the worst poverty. I think, we can't sit back and do nothing about it, otherwise, it will be despair in our life story for all of us who have some privileges to do something at this time.
Alema Gidey Kahsay on 2014-12-09 04:38:51
My possible reaction if IDA does not meet my expectation:

At the first place i don't expect ida to curry out all my expectations overnight, because i understand we are only starting this association.
however if it does I would I would examine our weaknesses and failures and try it with different approach.
Abraham Tesfay Hagos on 2014-12-08 12:21:44
To some degree I agree with Abraha Tesfay on his comment “I will never expect IDA not to be able to meet my expectations”. As far as IDA plans and acts with available budget and resources my expectations will be fulfilled. I don’t expect heavy industry or an airport in Irob, at least in the very near future. But there are many many small, affordable and meaningful project areas we can help Irobs with. As far this is done I am happy.

Although I do not expect at all and I hate to say so, in the worst case, if IDA does not meet my expectations then I will go back to the “bystander” state I had been to for so long in the past.

Tesfa Hagos on 2014-12-09 10:07:31
If IDA doe not meet my expectation:
I will try my best to improve it as time goes, of course it is not going to meet every individuals expectation but it will meet the majorities expectation. Some individuals have very unique expectation and if IDA does not meet the one person need that is ok, but I like to see IDA to meet the majority expectations. Again I will discuss my expectation with other Irobs to double check if my expectation was the right one that goes with time and situations. An individual's expectation should fit with the majority expectations.
Seyoum BERHE on 2014-12-15 01:34:32
We have to think strategically and be patient to see our expectation. I would personally follow up and challenge our IDA leaders to keep focusing on the core values of the organization and remind them to follow the by-laws and work hard to achieve those expectations.
desta weldeslassie on 2016-04-04 10:27:06
i will advice again

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