Topic: Irob Development Association (IDA) - A Five Years Strategic Plan
Message from Board Chairman
1. Introduction
2. Major development challenges in the district
3. Review of Past Performance of IDA
4. IDA-Management Board and staff.
5. IDA Vision Mission & Core Values
6. IDA Stakeholder analysis
7. IDA Environmental Scanning (Situation analysis)
9. IDA Strategic Issues
10. Strategic Goals and Strategies of IDA
11. IDA Monitoring and evaluation framework

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Five Year Strategic Plan
Tesfa Hagos on 2015-02-06 08:46:48
Now we have five year strategic plan draft for IDA, thanks for their dedication for our own Irob professionals.
I like to give my personal comment on two things:
1. Under 9.1.6 about fund raising I would say annual membership contribution, pledges and donors from Irobs should clearly mentioned as one means of income. e.g The diaspora Irobs are already contributing $300 USD for couples and $240 USD for single per year. There are unlimited donations and pledges in place too. Until IDA established very well financially the member contributions should be the first means of income. After we open bigger offices and hire employees a lot of alternative income means will be in place. All Irobs with employment income and merchant Irobs also should contribute to IDA to help our community.
2. When we say five year strategic plan it has to be the plan that should be achieved with in five years, if not the strategic committee can narrow it to some thing that can be done (achieve) with in 5yr goal. On preparing the final five year strategic plan If the committee thinks every thing on the current draft is not going to be achieved with in five years, they can finalizing it with some important part of it with goal of implementing it with in five years.
Alema Gidey Kahsay on 2015-03-02 05:36:29
Dear Mr. Hagos Tsegay, IDA chairman and members of the strategic development guide committee
We thank you for all your expertise and invaluable service you continue to provide our people. The comprehensive strategic guide plan you have produced is a result of your hard work and effort; and we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for all you do to help empower our people. Volunteer work is priceless and worthy of every effort, especially when your hard work starts bearing the desired fruits.
We believe that the strategic plan is comprehensive and assesses IDA’s past and present status, and provides future directions. It is detailed, fact based, professional, and informative. We believe the SWOT analyses and strategic plan you produced will serve as a foundation when it is time to approach potential donors and will continue to be a working document. It is a roadmap and will serve as working manual that will benefit our people for years to come.
We understand the committee is open for suggestions and or for any additional inputs from individuals or concerned groups. We are also in agreement that there is always a room for improvement and we appreciate your willingness and being receptive for new ideas.
It is true IDA has not developed comprehensive fund raising strategies however IDA diaspora branch has been using membership contribution as main income generating means. We have also discussed and agreed to use fund raising events, donations and pledges, as well as to prepare project proposals and forward it to domestic and international donors. However as IDA board elected we hope to discuss this and other issues so that we develop them farther for example: fund raising strategy, effective communication system, coordination system and the rest as specified in strategic guide plan.
Accordingly, we do not see any benefits to delay the strategic plan further. We believe it is time to move forward and tackle something tangible. After all, it is only when we translate what is written into practical action that our people will truly be the beneficiaries. It is by acting on it that your hard work will bear the fruits.
Again, IDA diaspora committee would like to acknowledge and appreciate your efforts, time, intellectual and material resources you put into this strategic plan. You have been exemplary for the rest of Irob scholars, have boosted IDA members’ moral across the globe, helped to install the mentality of “let us support ourselves and our people by ourselves”.
God Bless your hard work!
IDA -Diaspora Committee

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