Irob Development Association (IDA)

Irob Development Association - Diaspora branch is a non-governmental, non-political, and not-for-profit organization with approved 501(C) (3) tax exempt status in the United States.

ረቂቕ መተሓዳደሪ ደንቢ ማሕበር ልምዓት ኢሮብ /ማልኢ/ - 2015

Irob Development Association (IDA) Draft of Updated IDA Bylaws - 2023

ማሕበር ልምዓት ኢሮብ (ማ.ል.ኢ.) ኣብ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ ንተፈናቐልቲ ኢሮብ ዝውዕል ልዕሊ 3 ሚሊዮን ብር ሓገዝ ገይሮም

Irob Development Association (IDA) North America sends over 3 million Birr to help war displaced Irobs

ማሕበር ልምዓት ኢሮብ (ማ.ል.ኢ.) ኣብ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ  ንተፈናቐልቲ ኢሮብ ዝውዕል ልዕሊ 3 ሚሊዮን ብር ሓገዝ ገይሮም

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On July 7th, 2022 all funds raised up to now which is $61,300.00 USD was deposited from IDA account in USA to TDA North America Account. TDA office in Tigray will exchange this in BIRR with current Bank rate and give it to Abune Tesfasilassie Medhin for purpose of Humanitarian aid for mostly affected IROB civilian victims of war. This funds are collected from "Diaspora Irobs and Irob friends" please document it and keep it in file like that according to the Diaspora Irobs request who donated the funds. They include IDA members and Non-members. The fund raising was coordinated by Diaspora IDA committee and Irob "KALALO" committee who elected by diaspora Irobs due to current humanitarian disaster in that region. Most of this Funds are collected on social media plat form called "Giving Tuesday" donations for Non-profit organizations registered in USA.

Engineer Solomon Medhanie current Chair of TDA N. America and Tesfay G/her (TDA Executive Director) in Mekelle office helped us to transfer this funds after N.America IDA committee contacted them. Many thanks to this individuals who initiated it and all TDA financial team.

Tesfa Hagos - N.America IDA Coordinator

ናይ ማሕበር ልምዓት ኢሮብ (ማ.ል.ኢ) 2013 ዓ/ም ዓመታዊ ትልሚ

Irob Development Association (IDA) Year 2020/2021 Plan

IDA Call for Support TVET (in Tigrigna and Saho)

ናይ ማሕበር ልምዓት ኢሮብ (ማ.ል.ኢ) ካብ ሐምለ1/2011ዓ/ም-መጋቢት/2012 ዓ/ም ትልሚ ፍፃመ

Irob Development Association (IDA) 2019/20 Progress Report

ብዛዕባ ምክልኻል ኮሮና ቫይረን ዘድሊ ህፁፅ ሓገዝን

See the list needed urgently in the attached PDF file

ብዛዕባ ምክልኻል ኮሮና ቫይረን ዘድሊ ህፁፅ ሓገዝን - ዝርዝር ዝተደልዩ ማተሪያላትን

For your donations here is the bank account information

Lion Internation Bank S.C.

Irob Branch

Account No: 003132158963

Swift Code: LIBSETAA

Irob Development Association (IDA) 2018/2019 Annual Report and 2019/2020 Year Plan

Irob Development Association (IDA) on Tigray Mass Media

Adgadi Are High School (Endalgeda High School) Opened January 24, 2018 - Thanks to Rainbow For the Future and Partners

A quick summary of the STVET-APICC project IDA is partnering with other stakeholders

STVET as designed by METEC

STVET Design Plan

Project Name: Special Technical and Vocational Education & Training and Agro-Processing Industrial Cluster Center (STVET-APICC)
Location: KalaAssa village, in Irob district - Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia
Project owners: IDA, METEC, ECC-SDCOAD, and Irob district administration with collaboration with Eastern Tigray zone Administration and other stakeholders read more..

A quick summary of the STVET-APICC project IDA is partnering with other stakeholders

Thanks to African Community Outreach Inc and

This is an appreciation note to thank African Community Outreach Inc for their donation of nine thousand five hundred US Dollars ($9,500.00) on behalf of Irob Relief and Rehabilitation Operations Brotherhood (IRROB). ( ) is another sisterly organization working for the betterment of Irob people.

IDA Committee

Letter of appreciation from IDA to African Community Outreach Inc

Dr. Yemane Woldeyohannes Dini - You did it again, thank you!

This is once more an appreciation note to thank Dr. Yemane Woldeyohannes Dini for his visit to the site in Irob where the constuction of ISTVET-APICC project is in progress, his moral support, and his kind donation of Birr 283,000.00 (equivalent to US$9,000).

Dr Yemane is making this donation for his second time. He had already donated Birr 300,000.00 (US$10,000) for the same project a few months back.

Again, we thank you for everything you did to help our community.

IDA Committee

Letter of appreciation from IDA Board Director to Dr. Yemane Woldeyohannes

Appreciation Note to Thank Dr. Yemane Woldeyohannes Dini

This is an appreciation note to Thank Dr. Yemane Woldeyohannes Dini, a resident of Denver, Colorado in the United States for his generous donation of 300,000 Ethiopian Birr (equivalent to US$10,000) to help the STVET project under construction in Irob district, located in Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Dr. Yemane, your donation will go a long way to help Irob young. On annual basis, STVET is intended to enroll between 150 - 300 youngsters to help them gain the necessary technical skills. Empowered with practical skills, the young adults in Irob and its environs will start believing in themselves, the main ingredient for humans to strive in life, regardless of their circumstances.

The ripple effect of STVET becoming operational is that as our young-adults see hope and gain self-confidence, they will refuse to become a prey of illegal-human-smugglers and will start to see and exploit opportunities available to them locally.

Again, we thank you for your exemplary generosity to help our community.

IDA Committee

Certificate of appreciation for Dr. Yemane's generous contribution

Copy of the cash receipt.

A Timely Message to All Irobs

From Asgedom Berhe, secretary general of Irob Development Association (IDA)

IDA believes that the government, with its policy and efforts, is doing its best to address the multi-faceted issues Irob people are facing. And much more needs to be done to eradicate poverty out of Irob land and for Irob people to become self-sufficient. And that is why I believe, as citizens, it is the primary responsibility of each of us, regardless of educational and economical status, geographical locations, and or political views and preferences, to get united and play a pivotal role in helping IDA achieve its vision. This in mind, IDA continues to organize Irobs in countryside, in urban areas, and abroad bringing everyone under one umbrella. The more united; the stronger we get, and the higher and meaningful objectives we will achieve. read more...

Read the whole message

Project Proposal - STVET-APICC

IDA Manuals

Plegdes made for the STVET project since Jan 15, 2017

We had a great day! Our Diaspora IDA conference call today, on 1/15/2017, was very successful. The representatives of our IDA executive body (Hawku Reda and Asgedom Berhe, chairman and secretary of IDA, respectively, were very well organized and came prepared. They have presented clear, concise, and informative updates about the progresses of IDA and its projects back home. The Q&A session was lively, productive, and educational. The participants, excited, energetic, and hopeful than ever, have pledged a total of $15,660.00 on the spot to help fund the STVET project and they have promised to do more. For majority of the benefactors, the pledge was in addition to their annual membership fee.

What made today’s event more amazing was the humble participation of our young. As you can see their names on the list (Assimba Berhe, Zebib Berhe, Yordanos Berhe, Yoel Solomon, and Maya Solomon are members of our young who were born and raised in the USA. In addition to her $ pledge, Maya has promised to collect books. Way to go our beloved youth!

When we start to fully involve our dynamic-diaspora young, IDA for sure will be prosperous and its objectives will be fulfilled.

Here is the list of individuals who have made their pledges today. It is only the beginning and much better things are yet to come.

No. Name Pledge Country
1 Abeba Fesuh $200.00 USA
2 Abeba Kahsay $200.00 USA
3 Abraha Dandish & Meazu Lemlem $1,000.00 USA
4 Abraha Sebhat & Saba Aregawi $1,000.00 USA
5 Abraham Tesfay & Elizabeth Seyoum $500.00 USA
6 AgAzit Beyene $150.00 Denmark
7 Assimba Berhe $200.00 USA
8 Azmera Hailu $50.00 Denmark
9 Berhe Giday and Feseha Kahsay $1,000.00 USA
10 Beyene Gebrai $240.00 Denmark
11 Efrem Abraha $500.00 USA
12 Ezana Seyoum $100.00 USA
13 Giday Adumer & Roman Hawku $2,000.00 USA
14 Girmay Gezahegn and Sophia Mengesha $1,000.00 USA
15 Girmay Hailu $500.00 Canada
16 Girmay Neguse $500.00 USA
17 Hagos Gebrai $1,000.00 USA
18 Hagos W/Giorgis & Kassech Debesay $1,000.00 USA
19 Haileselassie Berhe & Feseha Hagos $300.00 USA
20 Hiluf Alema $50.00 Denmark
21 Hiluf Weldu and Letemariam $500.00 USA
22 Leteberhan Giday $500.00 USA
23 Lyno Teum $500.00 USA
24 Maya Solomon $50.00 USA
25 Meaza Nigusse $500.00 USA
26 Misgina Tesfat $500.00 USA
27 Neguse Hailu & Zebib Yakob $500.00 USA
28 Niyat Giday $200.00 USA
29 Saba Tesfay $1,000.00 USA
30 Samrawit Tesfay $150.00 Denmark
31 Samson Gebray $500.00 USA
32 Seyoum Berhe & Lemlem Gebray $500.00 USA
33 Shewit Tesfay $150.00 Denmark
34 Simon(Seizana) Seyoum $100.00 USA
35 Solomon Tesfay $1,000.00 USA
36 Tehish Giday & Solomon Medhanie $1,000.00 USA
37 Tesfay Desta & Burur Hagos $1,000.00 Denmark
38 Tesfay Gebray & Eden Tesfay $500.00 USA
39 Tesfa Hagos & Nigisty Tesfat $500.00 USA
40 Tesfay Hagos $1,020.00 USA
41 Tesfay Kumanit $100.00 USA
42 Tsega Kebede $200.00 Denmark
43 Tsige Fesuh $240.00 Canada
44 Yoel Solomon $30.00 USA
45 Yohannes Hagos $500.00 USA
46 Yordanos Berhe $200.00 USA
47 Zebib Berhe $200.00 USA
48 Zekarias Hagos $1,000.00 USA
49 Zewde Tekle & Akberet Tesfay $1,000.00 USA
Recently added....
50 Abba Mehari Beserat $200.00 USA
51 DestaAlem Kassa & Family $500.00 Canada
52 Girmay Tesfay & Family $500.00 Canada
53 Zewde Tesfay & Family $300.00 Canada
54 Awet Alema (Int'l student) $200.00 Canada
55 Teabe Adumer $300.00 USA
56 Yonas Hawku & Frewoini Gebru $300.00 USA
57 Berhane Adumer & Abeba Gebray $500.00 USA
58 Gebrekidan Gebremedhin $200.00 USA
59 Alema Giday & Bahran Gebre $500.00 UK
60 Abeba Desta $150.00 Sweden
61 Asfaha Hailu $100.00 Sweden
62 Dawit Tesfay $50.00 Sweden
63 Fana Abraha $100.00 Sweden
64 Lemlem Hayelom $100.00 Sweden
65 Rahwa Tesfay $100.00 Sweden
66 Sisay Abraha $100.00 Sweden
67 Sisay Asrat $200.00 Sweden
68 Tium Gebray $100.00 Sweden
69 Tsige Gaim $200.00 Sweden
70 Zewdi Giday $100.00 Sweden
71 Abba Tesfamariam Baraki $1,000.00 USA
72 Azeb Hagos $100.00 Sweden
73 Misgina Abraha $100.00 Belgium
74 Dawit Adumer $100.00 Belgium
75 Solomon Halibo $50.00 Sweden
76 Meliete Hailu $150.00 Sweden
77 Haileselassie Weldu & Saba Hadgu $300.00 Canada
78 Dr Mulugeta & Elizabeth Birru $1,000.00 USA
79 Dr Nega & Hareg Birru $1,000.00 USA
80 Anonymous (Pennsylvania) $1,000.00 USA
Total Pledged $35,180.00

Those of you living in North America you can deposit your pledges into Irob Development Association's bank account.

Bank of America

Account Number: 3740 0775 3099/p>

For more information or if you have any questions please contact us at 720-324-1676 or 317-427-8724.

If you find filling a form is easier to make your pledge please download and fill this Pledge Form and mail it to:

Irob Development Association (IDA)
Treasurer's Address
465 Burns Drive North
Westerville, OH 43082

Pledge Form

Message from IDA Diaspora committee

IDA Diaspora Meeting Minutes

Building Technical and Vocational Education Training Center in Irob

Message from Abba Tesfasellassie Medhin, Bishop of Catholic Eparchy of Adigrat

Today, we the Irob people are losing the most promising members of our society; our youth in search of unattainable dreams. Many of these young people are perishing at sea and in deserts. Standing with our youth in assisting them towards better economic future would alleviate the hopelessness and pragmatic road map towards becoming productive members in our own country.

The social fabric of our society seems to be coming loose, causing untold suffering within our families, as so many of our adults struggle with a destructive habits and dependency on others for their family’s economic survival.

While our church and the government is increasing the quantity of schools in Irob wereda, the quality remains at an alarming level and our children are unable to compete enough with others as they enter higher grades in the cities. In this regard, I would like to mention that the sustainability of the diocese’s educational institutions and relevant services are also facing a critical situation as the financial requirements are dramatically increased on one hand, and on the other, the resources have always been dependent on the generosity of our external partners who, since the world financial crisis, have substantially cut down their support, and leaving us in a very precarious situation.

Our language that is the corner stone of our identity needs to be supported if it is to stand the test of time and stay relevant for the future generation. New print and visual media needs to be created and those already in place must be supported to improve the quantity as well as the quality. read whole letter (must read!) ....

Irob Development Association (IDA) - Diaspora branch 2014 performance PDF Word

Urgent Message to All Irobs

Today I heard about 40 young Irobs accompanied by human traffickers are travelling to Libya. The sources said they left Khartoum 4 days ago and nobody knows their fate, whether they will make it via Sahara Desert or not. Six under age Irobs are also captured by police on their way to Adwa to travel the same way. Those six are lucky for now unless they try again. I do not want to write about the details of the danger they can face because it has been said many times but what should be done to control this chain of human traffickers stretched from Irob Wereda all the way to Europe?

I would say all Irobs have to report on this human traffickers to parents, police, local militia and other authorities. If they see some body whispering to under age kids to pass them to human traffickers why are they keeping quiet? They have to inform parents, relatives and law enforcement authorities in Irob Wereda and neighboring areas. I heard no parent is sending kids, most parents and relatives are surprised by receiving phone calls from human traffickers after they kidnapped their children away from home. Some of the human traffickers are already in prison in Irob area. Please pass to every body to arrest rest of these human traffickers who are taking our young people away to harms way. No body is going to make it all the way to Europe by themselves without the traffickers.

Tesfa Hagos

Feb 14, 2015

Irob Development Association (IDA) - A Five Years Strategic Plan

Today, the committee assigned to prepare five years strategic plan for IDA is cheerful to come up with first draft document and to present it for further comments as well as suggestions. These four members of the technical committee have been working on the document with great passion freely. The committee followed scientific and modern models to assess the interests and priorities of the owner, the Irob people around the globe. In its assessment the committee used SWOT and STACKHOLDERS ANALYSIS tools for its data sources. For involvement and participation of Irobs a lot of efforts and approaches were employed. Meetings and conferences in different cities were effective in having better participation in the discussions. In three cities - Mekele, Adigrat and Dawhan - the committee had very warm and in-depth discussions with different community members on problems to be solved.

Regarding the background of participants it was really holistic. Concerned irobs, government bodies, educated and representatives from seven Irob kebeles had participated. Males and females participated equally well.

Passing through different stages and works today it is ready for your comments. So please, you Irobs, all over the world need to look at it. Don't hesitate to suggest any errors you come across. We can collect your comments from as well as from social Medias. The technical committee is very proud of your valuable inputs and suggestions that helped to develop the strategic plan. Once again thank you all.

Seyoum Yohannes

Irob Development Association(IDA) - A Five Years Strategic Plan (pdf)

A call for all branches of Irob Development Association to report (in Tigrigna ) MS Word PDF

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