Location of Irob

Irob woreda is located in eastern zone (Agame Awraja) Tigray-Region Ethiopia. The territory is bordered on the northeast by Eritria (Endeli River), to the west by Shemezana (Akelaguzay Awraja), Eritrea to the west by Gulemakada and to the east by Afar Region and to the south by Gundagunde River (Werada Saesie-Tsaida Emba). It is 167km north east wards from the capital of Mekele, the capital of Tigray. The capital of Irob is Dawhan and it is 42km from Adigrat. Alitena was the main town of Irob for centuries but recently it is changed to Dawhan.

Size of the Irob land is 93,445m2. The Irob region comprises various landforms: high, middle and low. If there is sufficient rainfall all types of crops can be potentially cultivated, . Annual rainfall varies from 140-400 mm. Average temperature of the region varies from 15-30oc. Elevation of the area is 1,200m at Indeli (lowest point) and 3,249m at Asimba above sea level. The region currently has seven Kebeles (Tabias). These are:

  1. Edalgeda
  2. Wer Attele
  3. Alitena
  4. Agorele Coma
  5. Endamosa
  6. Hareze-Sebata and
  7. Ara’e