Assisted Primary and
High School Students

Assistance to Outstanding Primary and High School and Needy Students

Focusing on grade 5-12 the program planed to motivate learning appetite of students, through giving recognition to competent candidates who stood 1st -3rd in their class and have average points strictly above 90 points. The plan the program articulated was to give 60 (top sixty) students rewards (1 dictionary, 12 exercise books, and 48 pens that was expected to help for one year for school materials), roughly this costs 598.00 Birr. Based up on the needs in the ground and requests from the administration and education office the program also planned to financially support 20 needy students with 2,000.00Birr. This financial support was expected to help them to cover their house rent during school time.

Accordingly top 60 students and 20 needy students received the financial support according to the plan. For this propose 75,880.00 Birr was utilized.