Topic: What should IDA do to meet your expectation?
Stakeholder’s Analysis Questionnaire Number 3 on IDA

What should IDA do to meet your expectations?

Thank you for your collaboration and giving us valuable input to our 5 years strategic plan development!

Hagos Gebrai on 2014-12-07 04:13:14
IDA should be the front-runner advocate for the wellbeing of our people. It should remain independent of political activates, but closely and peacefully work with the local and regional administrations to preserve our culture. IDA should partner with the government and non-government bodies to address Irob peoples’ issues. It should be an umbrella organization where it encourages individuals and groups to take part in any sector or area of their choice and expertise to help our people, i.e. encourage medical professionals to lend a helping hand in their profession; encourage Irob musicians to play a key role in highlighting, introducing, and preserving the beautiful Irob culture; advocate NGOs to undertake major projects in Irob, such as building vocational schools for our young; continue to capitalize the undertakings of ISESP. Take advantage of Saho radio program to educate our young the benefits of staying in school and about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco.

Saho radio program should be taken advantage of to:
• Educate our young and provide information about how one can become entrepreneur and start his/her own business
• Reintroduce the forgotten and almost extinct Irob cultures and history, play a vital role to help preserve Irob culture and language
• Closely work with local and regional government bodies to address the dangers of continuous exodus of Irob young to the Middle East countries.

IDA should encourage Irob authors to write about Irob history by providing moral and financial help when necessary.
IDA should be inclusive of all Irobs and friends regardless of one’s political beliefs, religion, and or race, as long as the individual believes and accepts IDA’s objectives and abides by its bylaws
Abraha Tesfay on 2014-12-07 07:49:37
What should IDA do to meet your expectations?
this question is as to say " what should we, the few privileged Irobs do to help our community?"

1st, Identify problems that are critical to the community and prioritize them based on their urgency and ability to be fixed with our current financial resources. I think we do know and already have been discussing over the problems.

2nd, organize communication network, create organizational structure for IDA ,and solicit resources. I think we are in the process of doing this part already. we did great job over the last 11 months, especially the diaspora Irobs. There is a lot more work to be done at home, Ethiopia, in this regard.

3rd, Establish specific realistic plans, create awareness & mobilize the community, formulate projects, find help such as financial,material,and professional help accomplish IDA's plan.
Alema Gidey Kahsay on 2014-12-09 04:57:10
Wat IDA should do to meet my expectation:

Elect responsible and effective committee for each IDA branch then elect effective board members from amongst them.
IDA board and committee should be transparent with what they do and should inform people periodically.
IDA board should make sure the money collected is used for intended purpose effectively and should periodically inform public.
IDA board and committee should have some constancy in what it do because this association is like a child who raises.
IDA board and committee members should have time limit for what they do and should always use strategic guide plan and by laws as reference.
IDA committee and IDA board members should continuously try to involve people.
IDA board should continuously plan activities and encourage sub committees to work according to general IDA plan.
Abraham Tesfay Hagos on 2014-12-08 12:23:20
Focus on feasible projects of highest importance to the Irob community inside Ethiopia. Be very transparent on every project and on every penny. All expenses should be accounted for. Communication between Irobs in diaspora and within the country should be improved. With today's information technologies this should not be a problem.
Tesfa Hagos on 2014-12-13 05:54:35
What IDA should do to meet my expectation:
Most of Irobs out side the district are spread all over towns and cities that make it difficult to meet in person, to tackle this problem IDA should elect most of the board members who can communicate electronically world wide. If the board member has no access to E-communication like e-mails, social media...etc they have to leave the board member for those who has access to e-communication that way the Board members in different locations can communicate effectively.
IDA also should be transparent, honest and hardworking. We can not achieve our goal with out working hard. For these very people who send us to school with out going to school themselves it is time to pay back.
Seyoum BERHE on 2014-12-15 01:38:27
First and foremost, IDA should be open and transparent in their activities and let all of us Irobs and specially the paying members know what they are doing. IDA leadership should strictly follow their “bible”; the by-laws of IDA to the letter. Be open and try to be inclusive and invite people who can financially and other ways can strengthen the possibility of the said expectation
desta weldeslassie on 2016-04-04 10:27:52

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